Thursday, May 10, 2012

Homemade Gift Giving

I’ve been trying my hand at homemade gift giving, and it seems like my go to idea is picture frames.  I’ve become a little obsessed with taking a thrift store find and turning it into something personal.

I used some fun scrapbook embellishments for the letters.

This one is just a block of wood that Hubby cut for me.  I painted it and sanded the edges, then I attached a piece of wrapped cardboard and a decorated clothes pin.
Please ignore the bad picture here...I had a house full of people and wanted to get the sucker wrapped...

I got the inspiration from Pinterest.

And don’t forget the custom frame I posted a little while back for my Sister-In-Law.

I’m loving being able to give homemade gifts! 


  1. Love them Kate! Especially the one with the clothes pin, SO cute!