To-Do List

Living Room
Decorate the East wall
Decorate North wall
Decorate South wall
Create a decorative cross
Decide on which pictures to put in the chosen frames
Hang curtains.
Rearrange bookshelf to include decorative knick knacks.
Find a big (inexpensive) rug for the floor.
Make throw pillows for couch.
Reupholster chair.

Move cabinet handles from middle to edge.
Hang something decorative above sink.
Paint the walls.
Hang curtains.
Reupholster chairs.
Paint countertops?
Redo flooring.
Organize pantry
Completely gut and redo! (Yeah…this one will be on the list for A LONG time…)

Organize closet
Redo dresser
Hang curtains
New cushions for rocking chair.
Wall Décor
            Word Art
            Knick Knack Shelf
            Crib Wall

Guest Bedroom
Organize closet
Create headboard
Hang family tree pictures.
Hall Bathroom
Replace shower curtain and bath mat.
Remove all of the tile.
Paint walls.
Re-do flooring.
Replace vanity.
Hang more towel bars.
Decorate walls.

Craft area
Create paper storage
Create embellishment storage
Organize unused décor
Install sink

Organize linen closet
Organize laundry area

Upcoming Parties to Plan
Hubby’s birthday BBQ

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