Friday, April 27, 2012

Many Thanks!

A few weeks back, I made some wine charms as a thank you to my mother-in-law for throwing that wonderful joint shower a while back.
I love how easy these are to whip up.

Now, can I just vent a little?  OK, thanks.
I am not a fan of the Thank You card tradition.  I never have been.  I feel like, if I can thank you in person, than that should be enough.  I can understand sending Thank You cards to someone who wasn’t around when I received their thoughtful gift.  However, if you’re sitting in the room when I open the present, I’ve probably thanked you a couple times already.
You all can probably imagine what is sparking this need to vent…it’s my cramped hand.  The cramped hand I am getting from writing Thank You cards for the people who gave me such wonderful gifts at my first two baby showers.
I was going to be all motivated and crafty and make Thank You cards.  I had my eye on a couple of pinterest goodies…

But my lovely mother-in-law knew better and bought me a box of generic cards.  They are much more realistic.
I have one shower all written and ready to be mailed…if only I had some stamps.  My goal is to finish the second shower’s cards by next weekend, when I have my final shower.

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