Thursday, August 23, 2012

Baptism Luncheon Decor

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Want to know how I made the streamer, cupcake stand, and flower clip from Tuesday's baptism luncheon food table?  Well, you’re in luck!

Now, none of these projects are hard.  In fact, you can probably figure them all out on your own.  But I’m going to share anyways.  I’m just that helpful!

For the streamers, I bought fabric squares and cut them into strips.


Then I tied the strips around a piece of string.

Done.  Yep, that was it!  My biggest tip, make sure you buy enough fabric.  I wanted the streamer to stretch across the length of the table, so I should have bought twice as much fabric.  Lesson learned.

The cupcake stand was made from hard Square Plastic Plates and a couple candle holders from Hobby Lobby.

I just used a bead of glue around the top of the candle holder and attached it to the bottom of the plate.  I didn’t attach the levels together.  This makes them easier to store, and also makes it so I have stand alone cake stands!
The flower in the middle of the table was just three flowers wrapped around a clothes pin.  I just wanted something quick and easy.  It wasn’t something that needed to last forever, just for the length of the lunch.  I probably should have shortened the stems first, so I didn’t have to twist them so much.


  1. Such cute details ... I love the flower clip! That idea would translate really well into a lot of different table decor ... I've never thought to use clothespins.

  2. Everything for the luncheon looks wonderful! Thanks for sharing at Shine on Fridays!

  3. Hi! Such wonderful ideas! I'm also preparing for my son's baptism soon. Can I ask you where you bought all the white serve ware? They look beautiful!