Monday, August 27, 2012

Monthly Milestones

I am in love with all the fun ways to take monthly pictures of a baby.  I am determined to do this with Little Miss, for at least the first year.  So far I have been successful, but then again, she’s only one month old.

Here are a few of ideas that I fell in love with on Pinterest.

The multiple blanket idea from Young House Love
This idea of hanging of all but the current onsie is super cute.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the original source of this picture.
I love the idea from Erica’s Bloggity Blog, to use the same onsie as Little Miss grows.
Using a calendar every month, like Under the Sycamore, is also a great idea!
The winning idea is another idea with a MIA original source.
I’m going to try and also incorporate the blanket idea, by using a different blanket in the laundry basket every month.

Wish me luck on actually following thru on this every month!

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